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THE VISION Damon Bolden is an NCBTMB Approved Continued Education
provider ID# 1000387, Master Myoskeletal Therapist and business owner of Complete Body Alignment in Las Vegas, NV. Damon has been a Clinician for 10 years and an approved posture CE provider/teacher since 2020 and brings a wealth of knowledge from his BA in Human Performance, Manual therapy, Myoskeletal therapy and Mentoring into his easy to learn, dynamic, hands-on presentations.

His passion is to help educate manual therapists so they might tap into a greater
understanding of how posture, Movement, and Manual therapy can help with
longevity and the elimination of Pain. He continues to stay on top of the
latest research and developments in all areas related to Manual therapies,
Sports Performance, Neuroscience, Nutrition, Movement, Pain Science, and Human Performance related issues.



Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT)

Posture Realignment Therapist

Damon has worked with and has helped instruct as a teaching assistant,
Myoskeletal techniques to manual therapists, physical therapists, certified
athletic trainers (ATCs), personal trainers, body workers, licensed massage
therapists, and other healthcare providers around the nation to learn the
magical techniques of Erik Dalton and the Myoskeletal System. Damon has also worked with and instructed hundreds of clients and therapist on posture realignment and posture related pain and will continue to pass that knowledge on to the many manual therapist who want that edge in their practice or work place.

Posture Realignment Therapy Training

Whether in his office or yours, Damon guides individuals in a quick four hour,
hands-on, one on one assessment/training seminar. This fast pace and extremely valuable 4ceu personal seminar give you the basic fundamentals of posture realignment techniques. This course is designed for the manual therapist who works in a massage setting and needs a few helpful techniques to eliminate
posture misalignment that is quickly identified prior to a session and that
could be causing the client some pain.


BACKGROUND   Damon graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver
with a degree in Criminal Justice and Human Performance and Sport and had a
16yr career in Law Enforcement. Once retired, Damon received his LMT from the Nevada School of Massage Therapy in 2010 and had heard about Myoskeletal work from a friend while still in school and became fascinated. Damon did a deep dive into Myoskeletal and structural realignment and knew that this was the path he wanted to take. In 2014 Damon opened Complete Body Alignment and the focus was Myoskeletal techniques on client’s while continuing his quest for his MMT Certification.

In 2018 Damon received his Master Myoskeletal Certification from the Freedom from Pain Institute.

Damon’s truly believed that the Myoskeletal work he has learned through the Dalton system and the Posture Realignment system that he has created is the
future of soft tissue pain management. His passion for knowledge has propelled
him forward giving him the opportunity to work with Amateur and Professional
athletes in Golf, MMA, Boxing and the NFL. His knowledge is not just for the pro’s, he has help hundreds of people in the last 10 years to become structurally sound and free of pain from all walks of life!

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